From time to time WG Carter undertakes commercial projects, which although very different from our core business of renovations of large houses, use all our craftsmanship and skills but in a slightly different way.

With our commercial projects, WG Carter uses our 70 years of skills and success in the built environment to refurbish and renovate and extend existing buildings or to construct new build projects.

We pay attention to every detail as we retain original features, meld old and new and remain sympathetic to the historic fabric of the building by using traditional craftsmanship and techniques.

Project management

Whether the commercial project is a contemporary new build or a refurbishment of an old or listed building, our project management approach is exactly the same, to deliver a project on time and to exceed expectations for standards and craftsmanship. Our project managers are experienced in working as part of the professional team of architect, quantity surveyor and with the client providing a personal service.

Oxford Colleges

Being based near Oxford and given our skills with renovation and refurbishment of historic buildings, we undertake a number of projects for Oxford colleges. Working closely with the estates teams and any external architects and professionals, we retain the character and features that are so much part of the historic fabric of college buildings whilst making bringing them up to date for modern day life.

Team work

Our expertise lies in understanding the building process and to working as an integral part of the construction team. We are diligent about delivering high standards of work, respecting the property and keeping any disruption to a minimum.

Creating stunning commercial buildings