We help you make the most of outdoor space by transforming it into luxurious living areas. Converting barns and outbuildings or constructing new buildings to house cars, gyms and swimming pools, creating offices, pool rooms and games annexes.

Transforming outdoor space into luxurious living areas

WG Carter works on projects where beautiful recreation space is an important feature of our clients’ requirements. Often a swimming pool is just the starting point for a whole fitness area with sauna, steam room, gym and changing rooms. With the desire to bring the outside in, we build rooms for entertaining that open onto the garden, complete with kitchens and dining areas that can be used all year round.

Old v new

Sometimes there are existing outbuildings to convert, extend, connect or add to but often a new building is required giving the flexibility to match new and old or contrast the styles to make a design statement.

Making the space work for you

The main house aside, many of our clients want additional recreational spaces created in the grounds to suit their lifestyle. Large garages to showcase classical car collections, games and party rooms that house a snooker table or home cinema, not forgetting staff accommodation, plant rooms and storage facilities. Technology is paramount with the inspiring surroundings of a home office for remote working demanding not only the very latest in technology for video conference calls and connectivity but also for sound and lighting.

Bringing the outdoors in